Monday, November 3, 2014

CA Minimum Wage Laws Affect Summer Camp Employees

2014 Camp Staff @ Line Call
(Riverside, CA) Summer camp employees are amusement and recreational industry workers as defined by California state law. Employee salaries are based on a formula derived from the minimum wage, and compensation in the forms of meals and lodging are regulated by the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) using established figures.

CA/DIR Figures that establish 'fair value' of meals and lodging (Updated: July 2014)
       The value of a shared room per week in CA is: $34.94
       The value of meals per 6-day work week in CA is: $82.44
       The total amount that can be deducted for room and board (per week) in CA is: $117.38

CA Minimum Wage Requirements for Summer Camp Employees (Updated: July 2014)
    85% of minimum wage based on a 40 hour work week.
    [($9.00 x 40) x .85] - 117.38$188.62 (per week) minimum wage

   When the minimum wage was increased on July 1st, 2014 to $9.00 an hour the salary formula at Pine Springs Ranch Camp (PSR) was examined and set to exceed the mandatory minimum requirements.

PSR Summer Camp Employee Compensation (per week) for NEW EMPLOYEES
       $210 for student employees
       $225 for counselors & class instructors
       $240 for specialized/certified instructors
       $255 for head instructors
       $270 for leadership supervisors

   Beating the lowest prescribed salary is a long standing tradition at PSR since expectations for employees are high and because of our commitment to staff success. Most of our staff are college students who are participating in educational scholarships and their work at camp is viewed as a ministry that is accomplished with little financial benefit. However, most camp workers would agree that the intangible benefits (employment training, work experience, friendships with other staff, etc...) make a big difference in their lives.

   Employees who return to camp year after year earn automatic raises and often increasing responsibilities. We're always glad to retain great employees, but we are also proud of our staff members who decide to take other summer ministry opportunities or reach for personal success through education or promising careers.

   Often at the end of the camp season we're also able to provide a small (taxable) bonus for most of our workers as an extra 'thank you' for their service. In 2014 we awarded a total of $6,670 among our employees and we structured the bonus formula so that everyone was able to benefit. This exceeded the amount we spent on bonuses in 2013 and we hope to increase employee bonuses in 2015.

   Finally, during the summer season (and beyond) we often find special ways to do nice things for our seasonal employees. The annual Christmas party is just one example of a no-cost event for former staff and continues a tradition that has lasted many years.

   As many Californians are aware, the minimum wage is increasing January 1st, 2016 and we will once again be re-evaluating our camp pay scale to make sure that our weekly salary compensation is beating the minimum requirement for our employees.

   Please always feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding camp wages and/or compensation.

~Jeremy Cruz
Assistant Director

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