Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tween Week is Full! (Wednesday)


It was hot at camp and I think we managed the day just fine. I would love to say we did a perfect job but a saw a bit of red skin today at dinner. I know we have a few campers who are allergic to sunscreen, but we'll be looking for more shade opportunities for those campers tomorrow. It's going to be either side of 90 degrees, so not as hot but still warmer than usual.

Let's cover the entrees today quickly:

Breakfast: Build your own breakfast burrito. (This is my favorite breakfast, but I missed it!)
Lunch: Hot dogs and watermelon slices.
Dinner: Vegetarian tofu, white rice, and vegetable stir fry.

Don't forget, each meal comes with additional menu items. If you look at the Sunday/Monday post you'll see them all listed there.

Today we had another trip leave camp to Pole Position in Murrieta. All together it was 11 campers and 4 staff members. The campers loved it and I think the staff had a chance to drive the go-karts as well. We bought all of the campers a Pole Position t-shirt as our gift to them for going on the trip together. Tomorrow we have 9 campers going with 4 staff to Hanger 18 in Riverside for about two hours of bouldering around their climbing gym facilities. I've been to Hanger 18 ever since it was Threshold Gym and I really like the facility there. It might get a little warm indoors at Hanger 18 so we're going to take some extra water along on the trip just in case.

At camp it was just another Wednesday, with morning activities and afternoon rotations. We spent most of the day cleaning the camp for a special inspection tomorrow, and I barely managed to post on the Instagram @PSR_Camp during the morning. I'm sure our parents are glad to know that the camp will be extra clean this week, which is a challenge with 160 campers and 90 staff onsite every day. I have found plenty of trash on the ground from our guests and probably staff who are bit careless, but they're all working so hard that it's hard to complain about a few pieces of trash.

The staff this year are pretty amazing, and I'm really proud of all of them. So far we haven't had to dismiss anyone and most of them are really working to make camp the best it can be everyday. I'll post more about the staff after camp is over.

Please go online to see photos from this week. You can visit and login to your account to see photos that have been uploaded every day (or nearly every day).



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